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Introducing our planning team for FORUM Toronto 2019!


Luisa Gonzalez

Hi hello! My name is Luisa. I'm a nomad at heart, enjoy rock climbing and all things outdoors! I try to listen to ten new songs a day, hit me up with tunes!


Julianne Guevara
Vice Chair

Heyo, call me Julie! I spend parties in the corner fighting people in Smash and I dance alone in my apartment to old school hip hop. Ask me for photos of my cat. I can't wait to discuss architecture's impact on the future of our society and the environment with yall.


vivian Kinuthia
Programming director

Hey, my name is Vivian! I can speak 4 languages and have an inexplicable passion for construction cranes. No you didn’t ask, but I don’t have a dog.


Tiana Lee
marketing director

Hi hi! Tiana here. I choose and listen to one album on loop for the entire duration of a project, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!


Nicole Li
programming director

Hi, I'm Nicole! I like to take blurry pictures of my dog and collect postcards from places of my travels.


Gladys Lee
marketing director

Heyo, its me Gladys! My dog and I require at least 30 alarms to wake up in the morning, so if you got any tips on how to wake up more efficiently, please help a gal out. Yes this is a call for help.


Ted Bulaclac
site director

Hello! I am Ted and I'm a proud father of two dogs. I also love lame puns and dad jokes so bring them on!


Gloria Zhou
events director

I’m Gloria! I'm a huge advocate of public art and sustainability; I enjoy biking trips, swimming, feeding my curiosity through travel, and sharing my music playlists with strangers. I aspire to be a dog mom and my IG explore page can back that up!


Jimmy Hung
volunteer director

Heyy! My name is Jimmy, I'm famous for having an endless pit for a stomach, so if you can't finish your food, come find me!


Agnes Yuen
partnership director

Hello friends! My name is Agnes and I live for food, memes, and Pudgy, my very cute (and slightly overweight) pet hedgehog.